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For millennia, humans have been telling stories to make sense of the world around them. Between the heroes of myth, creatures of fairy tales, and remedies of folklore, there’s a large amount of stories about medicine and the human body which may or may not have some truth to them.

Anatomyth is a podcast about these stories, and that potential grain of medical truth. It’s equal parts storytelling, medical evidence, and in some cases, downright conjecture.

Listen in every month for all these and a sprinkling of what’s meant to be humour.

The Creator

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Audrey is a medical student who’s always been fascinated with tales of gods, monsters, and the fantastical.

She started this podcast because she procrastinates all the time anyway, so she may as well combine these two passions and be semi-productive about it.


New episode every second Thursday of the month.


Anatomyth is a podcast about stories, conjecture, and the human body. Here's a little bit about the show to get you started!

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01: Sleep Tight

This episode explores nightmare creatures from folklore, and the similarities and differences between those from various cultures. In the medical portion, learn about obstructive sleep apnea, an under-diagnosed kind of sleep disordered breathing with some very dangerous consequences.

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02: Warning: External Use Only

Mythical snakes can cause excruciating pain, and are sometimes biohazards, and sometimes, poeple make so many bad decisions that they become recipients of the dreaded mythical snake venom facial, just like the Norse god Loki. Learn about the real world snakes that can spit venom, what happens when it lands on your face, and a modern spin on the mythical venom facial.

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03: The Horn in Your Side

There are a lot of horned deities in mythology, from creator gods that spring forth from eggs to hermits who don't know how to handle their alcohol. Horns can grow on regular humans, too, and this episode explores the dark history and medical truth behind this rare skin condition.

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